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We have always cherished a rich history with coffee, belonging to a fourth generation coffee planter family we get our beginning in coffee during 1940s when our great grandfather Mr PD Paul  who was a wood contractor for the British  railway and Kerala government acquired  East Pullala and Rosery estates in Nelliyampathy through government auctions. Subsequently the family acquired Beatrice and Kailas estates  in Nelliyamathy  , St Theresas and  Adaloor estates in Kodaikinal .Rosary estate was later taken back by the government  after the lease period expired .

Our curing and processing division Paulson Coffee Curing Works Pvt Ltd was established in 1978 as an agent for the Coffee Board of India since free trade of coffee was  banned during that period .To tackle berry borer disease in coffee during late 1980s we established our present facility in Pollachi ,Tamil Nadu on 1987 under the guidance and support from Coffee Board of India. With our new facility we boast the largest curing works in Kerala and Tamilnadu( one of the largest in India )with a curing capacity of  4000 tpa in a single shift. After  the economic liberalization of 1994 we established Paulson Coffee Exports Pvt Ltd to cater the international Markets like Germany,USA, UK ,Italy,Australia to name some. We are also one of the largest  suppliers to Nestle India. 


Knowing the fact that majority of  Indian coffee consumers use instant coffee ,we decided to educate people and  provide the best cup of coffee India can offer.  With decades of experience with coffee we decide to enter what people call the third wave of coffee with Curated


Our mission is to partner with multiple cafes ,restaurants and other entities to indulge our guests in a real coffee experience. We encourage  coffee lovers to try multiple types ,blends and grades of coffee, to decide what coffee pleases their palate.


We intend to provide the best coffee experience by providing the best grades, blends of, singles estate and Indian Specialty coffee .


                                          For  detailed enquiry for roasted beans please drop a mail on 



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